Passing three countries and the English Channel in 11 hours

On Monday my way to Cardiff finally started, with all of my most important belongs with me. I leave the house at 9:45 and expect to be at my brother’s house in Cambridge at 8 pm. The next day I will be wanting to see Cambridge, spend time with my brother and his family and then continue to Cardiff the next day.


Starting in Dettelbach…

Changing in Würzburg
Changing in Würzburg...

Then waiting in Frankfurt. With the appropriate Spiegel Edition „Unser Beitrag zum Klimawandel“.

From Bruessels taking the “green way to London” by using ten times less CO2, than by flying! Unfortunatly a delay of one hour and an extra charge for my Cello didn’t make the way through the tunnel as cool and exciting as I had hoped.

Finally touching British ground in London!!

And taking the Train to Cambridge, where my Brother will pick me up

Made it !

After 1.100 km and 11 hours of traveling finally in Cambridge.


My first conclusion is: it’s a really long ride. But getting there via airplane, including boarding time and getting to the airport, would have taken 8 hours. Considering this it was a very pleasant journey to Britain. Especially because I had the chance to get to see Cambridge…

where I found a really nice Café, that used to be a church. And I ate a delicious Shortbreat.

Lucky me got a seat in the front double-decker on my way to the city centre.  


On Wednesday I then continued to Cardiff, via Bus and Train, which was uncomplicated, but took another 5 hours. The joy was big, as I finally got to Caedydd Canolog, which is the Welsh word for Cardiff Central.

All in all, traveling by train was a good idea. It didn’t take considerably longer, I could visit Family, could take my cello with me and it was a lot more sustainable than the airplane. And thanks to the EU, crossing borders and traveling is so very easy!

Thank you for supporting the sustainable journey to my Erasmus-year, dear GreenOffice, StuVe and International Office!

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